5. Periodic Qualified Inspection
5.1 Qualified Inspection Procedure. The owner or employer shall establish a periodic inspection procedure in accordance with the recommendations of the lift manufacturer in order to ensure reliability and allow the continued safe operation of the lift. Please be reminded that certain sections of U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Section 1910 and applicable subparts-Occupational Safety and Health Administration, General Industry Standards may pertain to the procedures anticipated by this section. Compliance with applicable regulations is left to the person(s) involved.

5.2 Qualified Inspector. An automotive lift inspector shall have the following qualifications:

(1) knowledge of personal safety practices necessary to perform routine and periodic inspections of existing equipment;

(2) familiarity with industry terminology including the terms defined and used in ANSI/All ALCTV and the documents referenced therein; and, the terms defined and used in this standard including the documents referenced herein;

(3) ability to read and understand equipment manuals, drawings and parts lists;

(4) knowledge of the purpose and function of all components, devices and accessories commonly employed on automotive lifts;

(5) working knowledge of electrical and electronic control circuit principles as applied to the operation of pumps, motors, valves and switches;

(6) working knowledge of mechanical principles as applied to structures, machines, mechanisms and the effects of traction on wire ropes, chains and sheaves;

(7) working knowledge of hydraulic principles as applied to the operation of valves, pumps, cylinders (plungers) and piping;

(8) working knowledge of pneumatic principles as applied to the operation of valves, compressors, cylinders (plungers), pressure vessels, airbags, bellows and piping; and

(9) knowledge of the many and varied types and styles of automotive lifts, their uses, and any limitations or restricted applications pertaining thereto.

 5.3 Qualified Inspector Training. Training for personnel who are qualified to perform periodic inspections of automotive lifts shall be achieved through experience in installation or field service work for users, manufacturers, distributors or service organizations for automotive lift products.

5.4 Qualified Inspection Documentation. A record of each periodic inspection shall be prepared and maintained noting the observations and findings of all points of inspection recommended by the manufacturer as well as subsequent repairs or replacements accomplished.

5.5 Qualified Inspection Frequency. Inspections by the owner or employer shall follow the recommendations of the lift manufacturer as to frequency. Without regard to the frequency of inspection specified by the lift manufacturer, whether it be weekly, monthly, semi-annually, annually or on some other basis, the owner or employer shall ensure that the points presented in 5.6 are inspected by a qualified lift inspector as a minimum annual requirement.

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