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Preventive Maintenance
Your Auto Lifts allow you to make thousands of dollars every week. A lift out of service results in lost revenue. You need your techs making money not excuses. Minor repairs and needed adjustments will minimize downtime and major breakdowns.   More

Lift Safety
When you consider that the purpose of an auto lift is to raise thousands of pounds over your head, you realize; Your Auto Lifts Safety Devices Are Essential! Your employees, customers and OSHA expect you to provide a SAFE working environment. A lift that fails while a customers vehicle is in the air will cost you in repairs to the customers vehicle and possibly injure an employee, or worse...   More

Authorized Service Ctr. We keep our tech's trained and up-to-date. Coast to Coast is and Authorized Service Center for...  More

Lift Safety

The sudden failure of an automotive lift can be CATASTROPHIC, resulting in - Damage to equipment, Damage to customers property, Injury and even death to your service personal.  Consider that this equipment is designed to lift Tons of weight over your head and hold it while you work underneath. 

No mechanic is too experienced to take using an automotive lift lightly. Automotive lifts have caused thousands of deaths and even more injuries. When using a lift, be sure you have been trained properly and follow safety procedures set in place by the manufacturer.

  1. Training

    • Anyone using an automotive lift must be fully trained on its use first. While many employers provide their own training, the same education is available through the manufacturer.


    • The owner of the lift should make sure all warning labels are in place to warn users of the serious risks involved when a lift is not used right. The area around the lift should also be clearly marked off to individuals who are not cleared to use the machine.


    • The Automotive Lift Institute, a government organization, inspects automotive lifts and certifies those that meet their safety standards. Certifying a lift increases the credibility of the business or individual owner.


    • When using a lift, place the lift supports at the appropriate location and raise the vehicle a foot off the ground first. Shake the car to make sure it is secure before raising it the rest of the way. Lower the car if adjustments to the supports are needed. Always following manufactures requirements for operating lift.


    • Make sure the vehicle doesn't exceed the maximum weight capacity for the lift, and do not override the mechanical safety features. Be sure there are no people in or around the vehicle as it is being lifted, and do not walk under the vehicle until the load-locking device is engaged.


    • Although mechanics know better than to rush when using a lift, many lift-related accidents are the result of impatience. Double check that the car is secure, spotted correctly and the area around the lift is clear before operating.


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